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Be an Ernie!!

Be an Ernie!!

Unread post by Diveguy Founder » Wed Aug 27, 2014 9:47 am

This is Ernie. Image

Ernie wanted to go to a provider but he didn't know how.

He tried ones that said their pictures were real but he almost lost his eyesight when he saw them.

He tried ones that said they're independent but then he met their "friend", who took all poor Ernie's money.

He tried ones that said they were GFE but found out that meant Get Fucked Ernie.

He tried ones that said they love concentrating on him but that meant in between phone calls, and texting.

He tried ones that were going to be his "Sexy Lil Secret" but that meant he was so ashamed of what he stuck his dick in he had to keep it a secret.

He tried ones that never answered their phone or picked up after he arrived at the location.

He tried the ones that said they were two sexy ladies but there was enough flesh between them for 4 1/2 ladies.

He tried the ones with holiday specials but the holiday was Ramadan and there was no sex during daylight hours or with him.

He tried the ones that were x-strippers but there was a reason they were x.

He tried the ones that said Stop throwing your money away, let me take it and run out the door.

He tried the ones that said they were exotic but looked that up in the dictionary and found out it meant "strikingly unusual or strange in effect or appearance..."

He tried the mature ones but found some lady named Zelda, who wasn't half bad.

But then little Ernie discovered RTP and he studied and read the reviews, and learned from others like you.

This is Ernie today.

There are thousands of Ernies in St. Louis who haven't had a decent provider in years. Are you an Ernie? For less than $50 you can have the knowledge to prevent this.

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